viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Sorry to dispapoint you!! I didnt see my master last night, since he met some friends... I was a good girl and didnt complaint at all, though! *claps hands*

Anyway, I was goofying around, and started taking some pics of while I played with myself... Hope you like them *giggle*
I am, like, horny all day long, and I spend most of my time thinking on my master, my makeup and my blog. I'm totally addicted to telling my progress and showing of my pics here!!

Promise you I'll upload a pic of me pleasing my master soon!! I'm also counting the minutes till I get to take those pics. I, like, get turned on just thinking about my master taking my picture while do it! *giggle*

Hope you like my pics. I think I look sexy on them, and I love how my boobs look! *giggle*. 

I have to leave now. I'm going out tonight again with my girlfriends. We're going to a bar. Carla isnt coming today... I'm sad about it!! *frowns*. My other girlfriends arent as funny, and they usually dont enjoy flirting as much as we both do!!
Never mind, I'll just have fun!! 

Partying time!!

Good night, sweeties!!



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