viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Sorry to dispapoint you!! I didnt see my master last night, since he met some friends... I was a good girl and didnt complaint at all, though! *claps hands*

Anyway, I was goofying around, and started taking some pics of while I played with myself... Hope you like them *giggle*
I am, like, horny all day long, and I spend most of my time thinking on my master, my makeup and my blog. I'm totally addicted to telling my progress and showing of my pics here!!

Promise you I'll upload a pic of me pleasing my master soon!! I'm also counting the minutes till I get to take those pics. I, like, get turned on just thinking about my master taking my picture while do it! *giggle*

Hope you like my pics. I think I look sexy on them, and I love how my boobs look! *giggle*. 

I have to leave now. I'm going out tonight again with my girlfriends. We're going to a bar. Carla isnt coming today... I'm sad about it!! *frowns*. My other girlfriends arent as funny, and they usually dont enjoy flirting as much as we both do!!
Never mind, I'll just have fun!! 

Partying time!!

Good night, sweeties!!



jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

20.45 pm

I'm laying on bed watching some tv. I have been allowed to see Tv for an hour today, form 20 hrs to 21. Not one more minute. 
My master is getting stricter. Not I get a time schedule every day for the next day. I'm told at what time to eat, and what chores I can and cannot do, and at what time I'm supposed to do them.
I get horny just looking over the schedule... Plus, it's one less thing I have to worry about! *giggle*. At first I had my doubts. I didnt know if I would like acting like I have been acting for the last couple of months, I didnt know if I'd enjoy having every side of my life controlled by my master.
But I've really started enjoying it!! I'm much more relaxed, happy, and I have so much more time to focus on looking pretty and having fun!!
Plus, I keep thinking about sex, and sometimes it's had for me not to touch myself or rush to my master's arms, begging him to fuck me! I cant stop thinking about how yummy it is to give him a blowjob! *giggle*

Now look at me, I'm just ranting. My thought just seem to be so disconnected lately. It's really true: the more you act like a bimbo, the more you start to become one! *giggle*.

I'm really thinking about dyeing my hair blonde. I'm just so scared it wont look good on me. I have really dark hair... What do you guys think? Would like an opinion, or an advise on how to dye almost black hair into blonde without totally ruining it!! My master loves long, beautiful hair, and if it ends up damaged, I dont think he'll be very pleased with his little airheaded slave!!

Well, not much more to write about today. I'm planning on uploading a hot pic I'm sure you'll enjoy, but I wont do it till later tonight or tomorrow afternoon! So you'll just have to wait! *winks*

Saw this motivational on google and loved it!! *giggle*. I think it's, like, totally right!!

I have to go now, sweeties




Not much to write about today... 

Had another argument with my mom. She keeps saying she doesnt know what's up with me lately, that I look and act different. That cheered me up. So the changes are really starting to show!!! That's such good news, though my mom keeps trying to sabotage my acomplishments... *frowns*

Don't care much about her, though. I, like, spend almost no time at home lately. Today I bought the loveliest pink dress at the mall. Just loved it!! Fit me just right!! I'm sure that with some white and light blue makeup and a nice hairdo, I'll look hot next time I go out!! *giggle*

Not much more to write about, as I said before. Pretty boring day... I think I just might touch myself to make it an ok day. Thinking about my master, of course. I've got to call him and ask for his permission, though. 



martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

hanging around

Hanging around
I was hanging around, listening to music with some girlfriends today. Had to waste some time before I went back home or mom would start asking why I was home so early. I skipped classes again. Bored to them by them! *giggles*

Anyway, this song came around and I had completely forgotten about it. I was so young when I first listened to it, and at that moment it didnt mean anything to me. But now I really felt it was almost talking to me!
You all surely know it, it's Barbie Girl, from Aqua. And it's like, totally cool! *starts listening it again*. This song will be, like, my new creed! *giggles and starts dancing* Love it!! =) Specially this parts:
I´m a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world, 
Dress me up, make it tight, I´m your darling. 

You are my doll, rock´n´roll, feel the glamouring thing, 
kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky. 
Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please, 
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees. (LOVE THIS PART. I almost feel I'm talking to my master! It's SO me! *giggles*)

Also, I was reading some stuff on the web, when I stumbled upon a website that criticized bimbos! I was like, totally offended. But ok, whatever. There are girls out there who do not understand the benefits we bimbos have! Their loss!

Anyway, her definition of bimbo was: ‘Bimbo’ ….a word used to describe an ‘attractive, clumsy, easy, airheaded’ female.
Ok... Attractive. That's good. Girls have to be nice looking so that they can please their men. I bet you that girl is just ugly and has never had a boyfriend in her life, so she's just jealous.

Clumsy. I have always been clumsy. Even before I met my master, so... That's kind of the way I am, bimbo or not bimbo. Plus, many man find it cute! The damisel in distress stuff, right? I love beeing rescued my a strong, handsome man! *giggles*

Airheaded. Ok... come on!! That girl SHOULD relax. We airheaded can just take it easy, we dont have to worry our pretty little heads with thoughts! Men can do it for us!! What's wrong with just having a better time and not having to be all stressed up all the time??? PLUS, stress is bad for the skin. And girls should have good skin!

Well, that's my opinion, anyways! And since my master agrees with me, that's all that matters to me!

Well, got to go. I have an appointment in the hair saloon!! I'll go make myself prettier!! LOVE to be pampered!! *giggles and waves*

Byebye sweeties!



lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009


I get sleepy after touching myself.
My master told me he wouldnt be able to come, but gave me some directions to follow. I wrote all of them up 'cause lately I can't seem to remember a whole lot! *giggles and looks desoriented*.
Well, my list included several things: what to eat (the exact amount. Love it when I dont have to decide even the slightest thing), when to take a shower, when to watch TV.
He said it was an obedience exercise, to se how my training was doing. Then he told me that I had to touch myself thinking of him and all the things I had done during the day because he ordered me to, and be completely quiet!
That was so hard!
I tried my best not to moan, but the feeling of my fingers playing with my clitoris and my other hand squeezing my breasts... thinking of him. Thinking of how I was loved to obey him in everyway, and how he would say I had been such a good girl for not eating a tiny bit more than he had told me I could.
I really tried, but when I was about to come, I just couldnt help myself!
He's gonna be really mad at me. But I'll make it up for him, and show him I'm really a good bimbo slave.

I'd better be going, it's almost my bath time. I cant be late!!

*Winks and blows a kiss*

Bye sweeties!



domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Bored at 2.05 AM

Can't seem to be able to fall asleep... I'm so booored!

Had a great time last night. Cute guys all around *giggle*. But always with the golden rule: it's ok to watch, but no touching!
Love dancing with my girl friends! They are so much fun to be around, and luckily non of them are feminists, so I dont have to be defending myself for the way I talk, dress or think.
Carla is so much fun to hang out with. She kind of thinks like me, and she's single, so... She flirted with pretty much every guy around!! She was so gorgerous last night with her tight blue dress!

Loved the attention I recieved last night. Bimbos really do get more guy!! *giggles* Love people looking at me... Plus Carla did such a great job with the make up. Pink and girly, as I like it!
I decided to curl up my hair, so I think I looked extra cute (& sexy *winks*) last night!!

But tonight I'm stuck at home... My mom had plans and I'm stuck babysitting. My brother IS cute as a buttom, but still I'd rather be out parting than at home in a saturday night!! *frowns*

Still, tomorrow my master is coming over, and I'll fix a yummi lunch for him. Loveeee pleasing him!! Maybe if I do a good job, he'll let me please him in other ways... if you know what I mean *winks*

Well, not a very busy day, so not much more to write about. I'll plan what to wear tomorrow. Want to look nice for my bf!!

Bye sweeties!



viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Girl's night out!

Had planned to go out with my master, but he called up to say he had things to do.
Kind of depressed... I really wanted to see him tonight! 
But it's ok. He told me I could still go out! So I called up some friends and we're going out DANCING! YAY!!

It's girl's night out. 
Took out my favorite black (and white) dress, and a pair of sexy high heels (pink, of course! Love that colour. It just seems to suit me perfectly!). Curled up my hair. Carla, a friend of mine, is coming over any minute now. She's working as a trainee in a beauty salon, and she's putting my make up on! 
I'm really excited, she really knows her makeup, and I'm sure I'll end up looking sexy and ready for our night out! 
*Giggles* She's here now. I'll better go answer the bell before mom does, or she'll give Carla a preach about how skirts so tight send out the wrong message *rolls eyes* And we'd be like, whatever... 

Here's two pics of me wearing my pretty heels. Just love that colour! *giggles* 
Love my pretty pink heels! They were a gift of my master! *smiles and tells Carla about it* (poor Carla!) LOL

Got to go! Carla has set everything up! 

Good night, sweeties! Dont do anything I wouldnt (So that pretty much leaves you sooo many option! LOL, have fun! *giggles*)
*Winks and throws a kiss*


jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Before going to bed

I got in this big discussion with my mom today.
She's a conservative, and she gets all worked up about me! She freaked out today when I wanted to go out with a miniskirt... My master likes me to show off my body, so I do! I dont understand how she can't understand that.

She says she's worried about me, like all I think now a days is about my clothes and my hair and make up. But what else do I have to worry about? My master is right, we girls are here to serve our men and look pretty!
Males are superior in oh so many aspects. Girls that are rebelious just need a few spankings and a master to guide them!

I constantly see women who dont know how to cook, hate cleaning and cant even put on their makeup correctly (or they even go out with NO make up at all *gasp*). I dont understand how they can be proud of themselves!

Now I'm all worked up! My master says I shouldnt fill my pretty little head with ideas. I'll just let the thinking to him!

Well, I've got to get some beauty sleep! *waves and throws kiss*

Bye for now!


(I'd love to go sleep on the nude now, but my mom would, like, totally kill me... She thinks it's not correct, since anyone could just walk in on me naked. When I sleep over my master's house, I get to be naked ALL the time. I really enjoy that!)

Took a test

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On the floor

My master wanted to take some pics before we had sex. He said it, like, turns him on, so of couse I said YES! *Giggles*

He reminded me that the one on the right is hot, and the one on the left is cold... He even wrote it down for me so I dont get confused again. It's kind of difficult to remember so many things through the day! 

I'm so happy my master is going to fuck me today. I'm so desperate, I havent had sex for, like, 2 days, and that's way too much, you know! 

*blows kiss* I've got to go, he's waiting for me! *Licks lips* He looks yummy!

Bye sweeties!


Rise and shine!!

Hi cuties!!
I had to go to classes today, but instead I just decided to oversleep! *giggle*.

Master, if you are reading, I hope you like the pic I uploaded.

I'm going to have a nice, relaxing bath now... If only I could manage to remember which one lets the hot water out and which one the cold. I always get them confused!! *giggle*
Bye for now, sweeties


Hi cuties!!

Like, hi!!

I'm Becky! *blows kisses*
I just want to say sorry for my poor writing, since my mother language is actually spanish.

I'm trying out bimbofication, to please my cutie-pie, my master and boyfriend.

He's very much into blonde bimbos, with big breasts. I still haven't found the courage to dye my hair blonde, but I'm sure I'll get there in time.

I'm also interested in trying feminization. My bf LOVES sissy girls. He has a special thing for high heels, so I bought a pair and I'm trying really hard to learn how to walk on them correctly. 
I love pleasing him. It makes me feel all hot inside. *giggles* 

So I'd love any advises you could give me!!
So... Like..Bye for now ;)