viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Girl's night out!

Had planned to go out with my master, but he called up to say he had things to do.
Kind of depressed... I really wanted to see him tonight! 
But it's ok. He told me I could still go out! So I called up some friends and we're going out DANCING! YAY!!

It's girl's night out. 
Took out my favorite black (and white) dress, and a pair of sexy high heels (pink, of course! Love that colour. It just seems to suit me perfectly!). Curled up my hair. Carla, a friend of mine, is coming over any minute now. She's working as a trainee in a beauty salon, and she's putting my make up on! 
I'm really excited, she really knows her makeup, and I'm sure I'll end up looking sexy and ready for our night out! 
*Giggles* She's here now. I'll better go answer the bell before mom does, or she'll give Carla a preach about how skirts so tight send out the wrong message *rolls eyes* And we'd be like, whatever... 

Here's two pics of me wearing my pretty heels. Just love that colour! *giggles* 
Love my pretty pink heels! They were a gift of my master! *smiles and tells Carla about it* (poor Carla!) LOL

Got to go! Carla has set everything up! 

Good night, sweeties! Dont do anything I wouldnt (So that pretty much leaves you sooo many option! LOL, have fun! *giggles*)
*Winks and throws a kiss*


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