martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

hanging around

Hanging around
I was hanging around, listening to music with some girlfriends today. Had to waste some time before I went back home or mom would start asking why I was home so early. I skipped classes again. Bored to them by them! *giggles*

Anyway, this song came around and I had completely forgotten about it. I was so young when I first listened to it, and at that moment it didnt mean anything to me. But now I really felt it was almost talking to me!
You all surely know it, it's Barbie Girl, from Aqua. And it's like, totally cool! *starts listening it again*. This song will be, like, my new creed! *giggles and starts dancing* Love it!! =) Specially this parts:
I´m a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world, 
Dress me up, make it tight, I´m your darling. 

You are my doll, rock´n´roll, feel the glamouring thing, 
kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky. 
Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please, 
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees. (LOVE THIS PART. I almost feel I'm talking to my master! It's SO me! *giggles*)

Also, I was reading some stuff on the web, when I stumbled upon a website that criticized bimbos! I was like, totally offended. But ok, whatever. There are girls out there who do not understand the benefits we bimbos have! Their loss!

Anyway, her definition of bimbo was: ‘Bimbo’ ….a word used to describe an ‘attractive, clumsy, easy, airheaded’ female.
Ok... Attractive. That's good. Girls have to be nice looking so that they can please their men. I bet you that girl is just ugly and has never had a boyfriend in her life, so she's just jealous.

Clumsy. I have always been clumsy. Even before I met my master, so... That's kind of the way I am, bimbo or not bimbo. Plus, many man find it cute! The damisel in distress stuff, right? I love beeing rescued my a strong, handsome man! *giggles*

Airheaded. Ok... come on!! That girl SHOULD relax. We airheaded can just take it easy, we dont have to worry our pretty little heads with thoughts! Men can do it for us!! What's wrong with just having a better time and not having to be all stressed up all the time??? PLUS, stress is bad for the skin. And girls should have good skin!

Well, that's my opinion, anyways! And since my master agrees with me, that's all that matters to me!

Well, got to go. I have an appointment in the hair saloon!! I'll go make myself prettier!! LOVE to be pampered!! *giggles and waves*

Byebye sweeties!



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