jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

20.45 pm

I'm laying on bed watching some tv. I have been allowed to see Tv for an hour today, form 20 hrs to 21. Not one more minute. 
My master is getting stricter. Not I get a time schedule every day for the next day. I'm told at what time to eat, and what chores I can and cannot do, and at what time I'm supposed to do them.
I get horny just looking over the schedule... Plus, it's one less thing I have to worry about! *giggle*. At first I had my doubts. I didnt know if I would like acting like I have been acting for the last couple of months, I didnt know if I'd enjoy having every side of my life controlled by my master.
But I've really started enjoying it!! I'm much more relaxed, happy, and I have so much more time to focus on looking pretty and having fun!!
Plus, I keep thinking about sex, and sometimes it's had for me not to touch myself or rush to my master's arms, begging him to fuck me! I cant stop thinking about how yummy it is to give him a blowjob! *giggle*

Now look at me, I'm just ranting. My thought just seem to be so disconnected lately. It's really true: the more you act like a bimbo, the more you start to become one! *giggle*.

I'm really thinking about dyeing my hair blonde. I'm just so scared it wont look good on me. I have really dark hair... What do you guys think? Would like an opinion, or an advise on how to dye almost black hair into blonde without totally ruining it!! My master loves long, beautiful hair, and if it ends up damaged, I dont think he'll be very pleased with his little airheaded slave!!

Well, not much more to write about today. I'm planning on uploading a hot pic I'm sure you'll enjoy, but I wont do it till later tonight or tomorrow afternoon! So you'll just have to wait! *winks*

Saw this motivational on google and loved it!! *giggle*. I think it's, like, totally right!!

I have to go now, sweeties



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