jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

Before going to bed

I got in this big discussion with my mom today.
She's a conservative, and she gets all worked up about me! She freaked out today when I wanted to go out with a miniskirt... My master likes me to show off my body, so I do! I dont understand how she can't understand that.

She says she's worried about me, like all I think now a days is about my clothes and my hair and make up. But what else do I have to worry about? My master is right, we girls are here to serve our men and look pretty!
Males are superior in oh so many aspects. Girls that are rebelious just need a few spankings and a master to guide them!

I constantly see women who dont know how to cook, hate cleaning and cant even put on their makeup correctly (or they even go out with NO make up at all *gasp*). I dont understand how they can be proud of themselves!

Now I'm all worked up! My master says I shouldnt fill my pretty little head with ideas. I'll just let the thinking to him!

Well, I've got to get some beauty sleep! *waves and throws kiss*

Bye for now!


(I'd love to go sleep on the nude now, but my mom would, like, totally kill me... She thinks it's not correct, since anyone could just walk in on me naked. When I sleep over my master's house, I get to be naked ALL the time. I really enjoy that!)

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