lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009


I get sleepy after touching myself.
My master told me he wouldnt be able to come, but gave me some directions to follow. I wrote all of them up 'cause lately I can't seem to remember a whole lot! *giggles and looks desoriented*.
Well, my list included several things: what to eat (the exact amount. Love it when I dont have to decide even the slightest thing), when to take a shower, when to watch TV.
He said it was an obedience exercise, to se how my training was doing. Then he told me that I had to touch myself thinking of him and all the things I had done during the day because he ordered me to, and be completely quiet!
That was so hard!
I tried my best not to moan, but the feeling of my fingers playing with my clitoris and my other hand squeezing my breasts... thinking of him. Thinking of how I was loved to obey him in everyway, and how he would say I had been such a good girl for not eating a tiny bit more than he had told me I could.
I really tried, but when I was about to come, I just couldnt help myself!
He's gonna be really mad at me. But I'll make it up for him, and show him I'm really a good bimbo slave.

I'd better be going, it's almost my bath time. I cant be late!!

*Winks and blows a kiss*

Bye sweeties!



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