jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009


Not much to write about today... 

Had another argument with my mom. She keeps saying she doesnt know what's up with me lately, that I look and act different. That cheered me up. So the changes are really starting to show!!! That's such good news, though my mom keeps trying to sabotage my acomplishments... *frowns*

Don't care much about her, though. I, like, spend almost no time at home lately. Today I bought the loveliest pink dress at the mall. Just loved it!! Fit me just right!! I'm sure that with some white and light blue makeup and a nice hairdo, I'll look hot next time I go out!! *giggle*

Not much more to write about, as I said before. Pretty boring day... I think I just might touch myself to make it an ok day. Thinking about my master, of course. I've got to call him and ask for his permission, though. 



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